Drop in events post-2014 and Codebook



First off, thanks for all of your hard work. This looks like it will be of considerable importance for researchers and policymakers alike!

I was wondering if you could help me understand the significant decrease in the number of events reported in 2015-16? For example, the 2014 file captures 6,830,808 events, but the 2015 file only contains 2,394,415. What might explain this decrease?

Also, I understand that you all use the CAMEO coding scheme, but is there a TERRIER specific codebook?


Glad you’re using it!

I’ve added a brief description of the data fields on the getting started page of the main website. The codes we use are all CAMEO, so you should be able to consult the main CAMEO codebook here.

On the decrease, I’m not sure what might explain the decrease. We’ll look into it. Off the top of my head, it’s most likely a change in the sources we get from LexisNexis, but it could also be a dictionary issue (the last major English update was in 2014).