Low number of events targeting Iraq (IRQ)



I am wondering whether there is a particular reason why the number of events from USA (v6) to IRAQ (v10) is very low in comparison to other event databases.

I have downloaded your database for the years 2001 to 2005, which provided me with a total number of 5.8 million events. However, I restrict the data to only include events which (1) target Iraq (2200 events) AND (2) originate from the United States (480 events). This number falls even further when I account for doublings by deleting those events which have the same CAMEO-code for the same day. I am left with only 145 events. I consider this to be really low given that there is a war happening.

If I compare this to other event datasets, then it becomes even clearer how low the number is. The GDELT gives me 84.000 events from US to IRQ for that period, the FBIS dataset from Phoenix (with only a tenth of the total event number) has 1400, and the ICEWS (with 15 million events for 1991-now) leaves me with 2000 events.

Thank you very much for your help and your thoughts.